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Community Effort

Build Together for Success

Our Programs

Sistarz in transition

Responding to a growing need in the community by providing safety and support for women experiencing, sexual assault, domestic violence, ex-offenders, pregnancy, etc.

L.A.P. reentry project

(Life After prison


AAEW L.A.P Reentry Program serves as an advocacy committed to helping women with criminal justice histories realize new possibilities for themselves and their families.

AAEW Women's Justice Reform Alliance

The number of women incarcerated is growing. Many of the crimes women commit are non violent and the women are in need of much more than men in order to reduce recidivism

Empowered Sistarz

 By promoting the importance of commitment to community, dedication, hard work, and education, Empowered Sistarz provides young ladies with beneficial knowledge, skills and tools that will last a lifetime.  

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