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Illegal to Entrepreneur

Business Success for Formerly Incarcerated Women

Free Entreprenuer Classes

Every year over 200,000 women are released from prison with the hopes of entering the community as productive citizens.  Even with all positive efforts and skills, the challenge is greater than the outcome.  The reality sets in, that with a criminal background, women are less likely to gain employment than men.  
Women experience an economic insecurity which in most cases causes illegal activities in order to survive.  
AAEW's Illegal to Entrepreneur Program is dedicated to assist women with a not-so-great past, regain their confidence in the community, obtain skills and knowledge to become entrepreneurs and start their own small business.  

Training is free and consist of:

  • ​In person training

  • Online education/training

Training in areas of:

  • Business Ethics

  • People Skills

  • How to successful own and operate a business

  • Business Start-up Assistance

  • Accounting/Financial basics
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Social Media 
  • and much more
" The average criminal has the same business skills as the average Fortune 500 C.E.O. or nearly any business owner"
-Bishop T.D. Jakes 
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